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Descent 1 - D1X Rebirth

Descent 1 - D1X Rebirth

DXX-Rebirth is a Source Port of the Descent and Descent 2 Engines for Windows, Mac OS, Linux (most *NIX systems), offering OpenGL graphics and effects, advanced Multiplayer, many improvements and new features.

Descent and Descent 2 are pretty old games so you usually run into problems running it on more recent Hardware and Operating Systems. DXX-Rebirth will also take care about this for you.

It’s Open Source, it’s Multiplatform!

Still DXX-Rebirth is no clone. The Philosophy is to bring these games to the new millenium, keep ‘em alive – reborn. It’s our desire to maintain the original Feeling and Gameplay we all love so much.


Compared to the original games, DXX-Rebirth provides a large set of improvements to enrich your gaming experience.

Here is a small and far-from-complete list of the most important features these Source Port provides:

  • Plays Descent and all their AddOns and third-party levels.
  • DXX-Rebirth runs on your favourite Operating System. We officially support Linux (and other *NIX), Mac OS (9/X) and Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7). Still the code can be compiled on many other systems as well.OpenGL effects comparison (click to enlarge)
  • OpenGL provides a fast and smooth rendering – even on low-end systems.
  • Optionally you can enable several effects like Transparency, Colored lighting, Texture Filtering, FSAA, etc.
  • Thanks to SDL, a wide palette of Joysticks are supported. Also you can use more Joysticks, buttons and axes than you can ever operate in your state of evolution.
  • If you prefer steering your Pyro with a mouse, you will not have the problem that the movement becomes slow in high game speed.
  • Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse can be used simultaneously.
  • The games can display all resolutions and aspects supported by your Monitor, including an option for VSync.
  • Besides MIDI and CD-Audio (Redbook), you can play your own custom Music from your Harddrive or a separate AddOn.
  • Both games can utilize special AddOn packs to replace or expand the original game content.
  • Multiplayer via UDP protocol provides a fast and easy-to-use LAN and Online action. This includes reliable communication causing less glitches due to lost packages.
  • Multiplayer via IPX protocol lets you play against players still using the MS-DOS version of the game.
  • The ingame Demo-recording system has been improved. Demos are less glitchy and smaller while still still being backwards-compatible to earlier versions of the games.
  • Higher game speed will not cause glitches such as unacceptable fast homing projectiles, incredible high damage caused by several collisions or Fusion cannon, etc.
  • Player files, Savegames, Demos and Missions from DOS-Versions of the games can freely be used in DXX-Rebirth and vice versa.
  • Even more …


Download the game and unpack it wherever you want.
Be sure you have the three CD version of Descent 1, Descent 1 – Destination Saturn (or even also untested versions).
Simply click on Install icon and follow the instructions
You can also copy the CD content on Data folder manually

The installation could take some time depends from your system speed and CD-ROM reader (and Media).