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We are working to improve clib2 so anyone can do porting from linux and other platforms more quickly.

Starting from Olaf Barthel’s clib2 we have remove old AmigaOS3 code and clean the code so it is possible to integrate and manage new functions easily and quickly.

In this months we have added (and more important.. tested) a lot of new funcions. For example we have added:

  • 64 bit file support
  • wchar support
  • Many signals functions
  • Shared objects support (with some problems on libstdc++.so)
  • Enable and disable unix file path at runtime and in some other ways
  • Lot of linux functions like poll, socketpair and many many others
  • C++ support improved so you will not get undefined references during compilation and linking

Thanks to this implementation changes in the code in the linux stuff are very minimal. Of course is not just make and be happy but many problems you have in the past are gone now.