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Working with ncurses, clib2, termcap and terminfo

nano editor on amigaos4

nano editor on amigaos4

While improving clib2 library we have trying to compile ncurses to see if termcap functions was working correctly. So what to test them? Compile ncurses library. Incredibly everything was compiled correctly at first time. Well, compiled doesn’t means “working”.. So digging the code we have fix some stuff in clib2 to make the library working in a decent way..

It is not perfect at 100% but with this version you can run software like that one in the attached screenshot (hints.. is nano editor) 🙂

Some work needs to be done on termcap file to adapt it correctly to amiga shell. Some termcaps we’ve found works also with colors. But something seems wrong.

There are several tests in ncurses that are some strange problems. Most of them basically don’t get any key and they are looped forever.. even events like CTRL-C seems ignored but the library was a test to check that all clib2 functions are working as expected.

Clib2 is not in a release state because it has really a lot of changes and improvements since the original one. But changes and improvements means also bugs. So compiling software like ncurses can help to find if something went wrong during function changes.

For example in the latest beta5 CTRL-C was not working anymore due a signal handling reworking.

Now it is fixed but we need more test before releasing a final and stable version.