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curl for amigaos4

curl for amigaos4

Since we needed an update clib2 curl version i’ve compiled it using current version (7.84.0).
The first try was using openssl but after some problems we have decided to use latest AmiSSL version.

With really few changes in some files we had a working curl version that supports SSL during operations.

There was only a small problem when curl was closing connections. Debugging the code we found that problem was on an SSL_Read executed in connection closing before shutdown everything.

Most probably something needs to be fixed in AmiSSL to work correctly. After commenting that line everything worked correctly.

The line of code was:

    /* Maybe the server has already sent a close notify alert.
       Read it to avoid an RST on the TCP connection. */
#ifndef USE_AMISSL
    (void)SSL_read(backend->handle, buf, (int)sizeof(buf));

Comparing AmiSSL version versus OS4depot version you can see a slower transfer. Don’t know if it is a clib problem or an ssl problem. But the difference is so small that doesn’t matter..

You can download it here