Descent Freespace

Descent Freespace 2


Thirty-two years have passed since the end of the Great War, we are now in the year of 2367. Ten years after the destruction of the SD Lucifer in the Sol system, the Terran and Vasudan species forged a new alliance, called the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. The Reconstruction period began in the galaxy as both races prepare their civilisations for the return of the Shivans. Even though, not everything goes very well: Admiral Aken Bosch formed the Neo-Terra Front, a true alliance of an ideal considered hostile by the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. Both sides have been at war with each other for eighteen months now. Deneb, Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Pegasi are the focus points in this war. Admiral Bosch’s rebellion seems to be winning.


* Enhanced graphics
* A completely new and alien environment: The nebula fog
* Be assigned to up to six fighter squadrons, from the Vasudan 203rd Scorpions to the elite 70th Blue Lions!
* Fly for the SOC, Special Operations Command.
* Over 20 weapons of mass destruction
* A thirty-mission single player campaign and even more multiplayer missions!
* Encounter deadly new capital ship weapons: the Flak guns and Beam cannons
* Attack up to 8 players via LAN or TCP/IP
* Over 70 new ships, ranging from Super Capital ships to stealth fighters
* FRED, the easy-to-use mission editor
* Reasonable moddability


Be sure you have the three CD version of Freespace 2.
Simply click on Install icon and follow the instructions
You need approx 1.8GB of free space on Disk.

The installation could take some time depends from your system speed and CD-ROM reader (and Media).

Copy ALL libraries in SOBJS directory into SOBJS: dir (backup the originals first!)


  • Audio output has some ticks that depends from OpenAL library
  • At exit you will have a problem on OpenAL library
  • The in game message windows has a white background (well, this is not a real bug..)


AmigaOS4 Screenshots