Can you spot the differences? :)

can you spot the differences?

can you spot the differences?

Hello guys..
After D1X Rebirth i’ve recompiled the D2X game. The installer should be changed since D2X has a file that needs to be extracted since it is a old ARJ file..
Stay tuned..

The intro screenshot of Descent 2 Rebirth on AmigaOS4

D2X Intro


D1X Rebirth

D1X-Rebirth for AmigaOS4

I’ve just relased a rebuilt version of D1X-Rebirth for AmigaOS4 that allow to play all Descent 1 (for now) games. In the package is present also an installer that allow to copy the CD content into Data dir.
You can find all informations here.


Hello everyone,
i’ve just added the forums on the web site. Do you have some questions? Feel free to ask there!

Happy new year from!

Today i was trying to disable the standard window pointer of a Glut window in a game but i’ve seen thet there are no functions to get the Glut window pointer. The solution is this one:


GLUTcontext ctx = (GLUTcontext)GET_INSTANCE(__glut_current_context);
struct Window *window = (struct Window *)ctx->__glutContext->GetWindowHandle();

static UWORD *emptypointer = (UWORD *)IExec->AllocVecTags(16, AVT_ClearWithValue, 0, TAG_DONE);
if (window && emptypointer)
IIntuition->SetPointer(window, emptypointer, 1, 16, 0, 0);
if(emptypointer) IExec->FreeVec(emptypointer);

The two lines in bold allows you to get the window pointer.

Remember to install GemRB from scratch and don’t overwrite the old folder since the game scripts could be old. If you install the game in a new folder you will not have any problem. You have to copy only the game config from the old game dir.

New site..

Due a lack of time i’ve decided to transfer my website using WordPress.. so now it should be more simply for me to post news and other stuff..
Thank you!